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A Guide to Non-Toxic, Safe Housecleaning

A Guide to Non-Toxic, Safe Housecleaning

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A GUIDE TO NON-TOXIC, Safe Housecleaning is a convenient, valuable and useful reference for dealing with any kind of home cleanup, from mopping the kitchen floor to polishing aluminum to removing chocolate stains from a favorite shirt. And it can all be done with a few basic, readily available ingredients—many of which are already in your home, and some of which you probably never thought of as cleaners. Best of all, these non-toxic ingredients kill the germs, while avoiding respiratory distress, headaches, rashes, and allergies, while safe for children and pets.

The Guide includes over 200 easy-to-understand, easy-to-make, low cost formulas. Whether you are concerned about contaminating your indoor environment with potent chemicals or just want something for fast, economical, easy cleanup, this priceless book is for you.

Included are answers to:

• Tackling the bathtub, toilet, and sink
• Cleaning appliances and washing dishes
• Laundry and spot removal
• Dusting, polishing and waxing furniture
• Polishing and cleaning fl oors
• Metal cleaning from brass to iron
• Cleaning glass—the easy way
• Successfully scrubbing walls
• Keeping your house from getting-and-staying dirty
• Cleaning the garage and car

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