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Magni Books, is a full-service international publishing, marketing, and sales organization. We specialize in offering new and unique books and products to the worldwide mass consumer market. We offer items that are creative, timeless, and price competitive.

With over thirty-five titles in active print, Magni Books is a publishing expert in Health, Wellness, Diet & Lifestyle. Our products have been successfully offered on Home Shopping Channel, QVC Television, Value-Vision, and the Canadian Shopping Channel. Our Golden Book Award best seller, “Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight – The Negative Calorie Effect,” by Dr. Neal Barnard, has sold over 1,780,000 copies worldwide. The new second edition is also available, “Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight II – While You Watch TV,” by Dr. Neal Barnard. Currently, we are publishing editions in English, French, German, and Spanish. Multi-print titles also include: “The Home Owner’s Diary,” “Personal Property Inventory,” “Food Is A Wonder Medicine,” “Lose Weight With Apple Vinegar,” “Natural Remedies From Around the World,” “Low Cost Natural Cures for Your Dog & Cat​ and many more.


Magni Books

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