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Heinerman released on Kindle!

Posted by Molley McManus on

Ready for summer travel?

Magni proudly announces the release of many titles for your Kindle or Nook reader! Previously readers had no choice. You would be forced to memorize the healthful and useful content of Magni titles when you traveled, or chance losing your beloved volume. Now these titles are available for you to carry on your phone!

Load up with Dr. Heinerman's Natural Remedies from Around the World and be prepared for anything! Traveling with Fido? Bring Dr. Heinerman's Low Cost Natural Pet Cures for your Dog and Cat Your Vet Doesn't Want You to Know. Gently calorie counting? Don't forget Emily Geilker Cena's My Ten-Pound Diet Secret!

Magni titles are being released daily in this convenient form to match your lifestyle! Kindle and Nook readers offer wonderful flexibility - carry a whole library in your hand! Plus, using and you can download Magni titles almost instantaneously almost anywhere in the world!

Don't own a Kindle or Nook? Both companies offer apps available for most Smartphones! Load up your iPhone, Blackberry, or Droid! This, of course, means they are available for your iPad or PC!

Bookmark your favorite recipes! Keep tabs on your diet! Enjoy Heinerman's quests for unusual uses for cayenne peppers!

Available now!

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